Save Prize Bond in Pakbond Android App

Pakbond android app provides you three different ways to enter and save your prize bond numbers. By following this step by step tutorial you will able to save your prize bond numbers into Pakbond android app.

Step 1:

Open Pakbond app in your mobile phone and tap 3rd option “Manage Bond Numbers“.



Step 2:

Select category (domination) of your bond numbers you want to save.



Step 3:

Tap round plus “+” button.



Step 4:

Select an option to enter bond numbers. You can enter your bond numbers in three different ways.

  1. Number
    by selecting this option you can enter numbers using mobile touch pad. This option is best if you want to save few bond numbers.
  2. Serial
    by selecting this option, you can enter a complete serial of your bond numbers by just entering 1st and last number of your bond serial. (For example if you have 500 bonds from 000001 to 000500 then you don’t needs to enter 500 numbers. Just enter 1st and last number and Pakbond mobile app will autometically generate 500 number for you.)
  3. From File
    If your bond numbers are saved in a text file then you can also import the text file from your SD card or phone internal storage.

In this example, I’m going to select option number 1. You can select other options according to your needs.



Step 5:

Enter your 6 digit prize bond numbers using mobile touch pad you can use space to separate each number. After inserting all your prize bond numbers tap “OK” button.



Step 6:

Now tap the big green Save button to save numbers.



Step 7:

Tap “Yes” to confirm.



Step 8:

Done, a toast notification will appear if your numbers has saved successfully.


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